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          In Ruian Remex Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd., we know that details are important! This is our aim, prior to production, we will 100% sure that you understand and demand for products and details. We can provide and More+


          Can not find what you need? In Leimai Si we can help you get the product you are looking for!
          “When the professional career”
          Most heart
          Ruian Remex Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. is legs machines, self massage shawls, foot machine, slimming belt, clothing and other health care professional production and processing, the company is headquartered in Wenzhou, Ruian Remex Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. has a complete scientific quality management system.
          “Awe every penny you pay”
          The best quality service
          We sincerely welcome agents from around the world look forward to working with you to our advantage: years of experience in OEM and ODM, stable quality, best price, quality of service.
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          TEL: 086 577 65598000
          Fax: 086 577 65592890
          Phone: 18064786555
          Zip code:325207
          The contact: Mr Zheng Tie(Marketing general manager)
          Company's web: http://Lmsdz.com
          Address: Room 401, Building 2-1, Light Industry Zone, 1999 Yunjiang Standard Factory Building, Songpudong Road, Nanbin Street, Ruian City
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